Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Holt International Children’s Services Hosts Annual Gala and Dinner

In addition to practicing as an orthopaedic surgeon with Philadelphia Orthopaedic Associates, Andrew Collier, MD, holds teaching affiliations at Thomas Jefferson University and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. A father of five children, Andrew Collier, MD, contributes financially to the Holt International Children’s Services adoption agency.

Incorporated in 1956, the Holt International Children’s Services began when Harry and Beth Holt wanted to adopt eight Korean children but learned they would need to get the Houses of Congress to pass special laws. They worked tirelessly to find homes for children and financed the organization through their own funds. Today, the agency has found homes for almost 40,000 children.

During the year, Holt International hosts fundraising events, with one scheduled for November 14, 2015. Its annual gala and dinner auction in Omaha, Nebraska, benefits children and families scattered across the globe. Attendees can bid on auction items and enjoy a program that highlights adoption. Proceeds from the event will support children and families with counseling, education, nutrition, and financial support services.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Rarest Scoring Play in Football

Andrew Collier, MD, has worked as an orthopaedic surgeon in Pennsylvania with Philadelphia Orthopaedic Associates since 1985. Andrew Collier, MD, has also served as team physician with little league and high school football teams, receiving a special distinction from the school board upon his retirement.

In the American sport of gridiron football, teams can score in a variety of ways, including through six-point touchdown plays and three-point field goals. Other scoring plays, such as a successful two-point conversion following a touchdown or a safety, are less common. However, perhaps the rarest scoring play in football is valued at one point.

A traditional safety occurs when an offensive player carrying the football is tackled in his own end zone. The defensive team automatically scores two points on the safety and kicks off to the opposing team. A one-point safety, on the other hand, can only occur during a one- or two-point conversion attempt. Should the defense gain possession of the football before being tackled in its own end zone, a safety is called and the tackling team receives a single point.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Skiing at Switzerland's St. Moritz

Andrew Collier, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon with Philadelphia Orthopaedic Associates, where he’s been since 1985. A skiing enthusiast in his free time, Andrew Collier, MD, has traveled extensively, including to the Switzerland resort town of St. Moritz, to try new routes.

The first winter-sports resort in the world, St. Moritz was established more than 150 years ago. It remains a popular destination for skiers as well as other outdoor sportsmen. Located in the Engadine valley in the south of Switzerland, near the Italian border, the resort enjoys consistent weather, with reliable snowfall and approximately 300 sunny days each year.

Its skiing amenities and accommodations are excellent, with 58 lifts and 350 kilometers of pistes divided into four sectors. Each sector offers its own advantages to skiers. A good choice for intermediate skiers, Corviglia is the main sector with a peak at 3,057 meters. Corvatsch, the north-facing sector, offers some of the best conditions in the region and has the highest lift, which takes skiers up 3,305 meters. This sector is best for freeriding.

In addition to great slopes, St. Mortiz offers half a dozen accommodation options and several restaurants.